Zdenek Drbalek

Hello there! I'm Zdenek Drbalek and at the moment I'm located in Stuttgart (Germany). My true passion lies in creating simple, usable and visually appealing applications.

About me

I'm 32 years old guy that knows a thing or two about computers. I'm currently living in Stuttgart (Germany), but I was lucky enough to live and collect my experience all around Europe.

I have spent last 7 years working on complex IT projects for large enterprises. During this period I was given a opportunity to work on latest technologies with tallented collegues. In team I usually played role of senior software developer, project manager, team leader, solution architect and development manager. My biggest achievement is designing and executing the development of cloud system software that is being heavily used by large players in cloud industry. This provided me a lot of knowledge and experience about delivering cloud based solutions, current trends and modern technologies for continuous software delivery.

When I'm not pulling my hairs out before an important delivery, I play tennis in my club, golf (HCP 21), guitar or just grilling something tasty with my friends.

Let's drink a coffee together!

Email: zdenek@drbalek.cz